instant HOT° water

Next generation shower taps that
provide hot water
from the first seconds

Heau makes shower taps that have a unique hydraulic mechanism which stores heat from previous showers. This provides your new shower with hot water from the start.

Why Heau's instant hot water shower taps?

New, unique & innovating

A completely new concept on the market with an energetically responsible base.

Stop wasting
water & energy

Hot water in 3 seconds! No unused water that goes down the drain.

Increased comfort

Finally, no more waiting for hot water or adjusting the shower tap. The exact temperature guaranteed from the start!

Lower your bills

Precious water and energy are expensive. Calculate your annual waste below.

Increased awareness

A display shows water and energy usage and gives tips as well as a timer for stubborn teenagers.

Easy installation

No electricity connection or special skills are required.

Saving what?

Calculate the estimated water, energy and CO2 savings on annual basis

Interesting numbers

1 min

is the average showering time

1 s

is the average time people wait before stepping under the shower (e.g. undressing while waiting is common practice)

1 %

of households have a rain shower

Did you know that...

Showering in Europe consumes every day… kWh

or an equivalent energy production of 52.803 large windmills

17.600.000.000 liter

or 7.040 Olympic swimming pools of hot water

205.500.000 kg CO2

or the weight of about 6.080 whales