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The ultimate feeling of relaxation and wellness is the flow of hot water in your shower that you enjoy to the fullest. Unfortunately, you have to endure the frustrating wait in your busy life after turning on the shower before you can indulge in the warm flow of water.

Heau’s innovative shower taps substantially increase your comfort and reduce your water and energy consumption by providing instant hot water at your desired temperature from the start of every shower.

Heau’s ingenious patented technology stores the heat from your previous shower in a high-tech insulated compartment for 3 days. From now on, you can experience the pleasure of instant hot water in your bathroom again and again. Not only does Heau substantially increase your comfort, but it also reduces water and energy consumption where you can save up to 159€ per person per year.
Heau, the new standard for luxurious high-quality shower taps with instant hot water!


The best ideas come during a shower!

Philippe and Alexander, who befriended each other during university, combined their knowledge as civil engineers to solve the hassle of waiting for hot water during showers. The current waste of water and energy during times of draughts, climate change and energy crisis is unacceptable. Did you know that US studies by the department of energy confirmed that between 400 billion and 1.3 trillion gallons of water are wasted every year by US households waiting for water to warm up? This is equivalent to the enormous lake Titicaca in Peru and shows how much precious potable water is going to waste. Fresh water will become a more valuable and indispensable resource and we must halt the waste of our precious water. Together, Philippe and Alexander founded Heau to provide showers that give you the comfort and ecological advantage of instant hot water.

Heau aims to make more efficient use of precious potable water and energy. After finding a lot of ways not to make instant hot water, an eureka moment arose. With the consultancy and help of several surrounding professional partners we are developing this new shower mechanism right now. Our unique mechanism has a positive ecological life cycle and will improve your ecological footprint. Our innovation can help your household or your business (hotel, spa, gym, healthcare, sportcenter, daycare,…) to improve its ecological footprint while increasing the comfort. Together, we hope to contribute to a more sustainable world with our unique innovation.

We are delighted about your visit to our website and we hope you are excited about our unique next generation showers. We are very much looking forward to receiving your feedback throughout the entire process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our solution or if you have a suggestion.

Philippe and Alexander
Heau’s Founders

Heau is a Belgian company founded by two civil engineers to provide instant hot water from the start of every shower session. The innovative shower tap combats waste of precious drinking water and energy while waiting for hot water. The mechanism is designed so that no additional energy source is needed and installation is easy. Heau’s shower tap system ensures that user comfort is increased while reducing the carbon footprint as well as water and energy consumption. Visit www.heau.be to learn more.


To bring more efficient water usage by technical innovations


Stop the waste of water during the startup of a shower and increase the comfort of the user